About Me

I’m Leigh, a forty-something book addict from South Wales. I currently live in the North East of England with my husband and our Miniature Schnauzer overlord (overlady?). I’ve been a prolific reader since time immemorial, and a lover of the horror genre since secretly ‘borrowing’ my Mam’s copy of The Rats at around the age of seven or eight. Sci-fi probably came in at a similar time with The Day of the Triffids, whilst the earliest fantasy I remember reading is The Lord of the Rings.

I’ve been reviewing books for some time now, and publishing the reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. I thought the next logical step would be to collect those reviews in one place, on a blog. Thanks to my incredible lack of computer-related ability, that’s proving to be quite a bit more complicated than I imagined, so bear with me while I try to figure out what ‘themes’ and ‘plug-ins’ are.

My book tastes are eclectic, but I tend to lean towards Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy most of the time, with the odd foray into Thrillers. When I stray onto the factual side, it’s normally towards zoology or botany. Favourite authors include Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Laurell K Hamilton, Christopher Golden, JD Robb, Terry Pratchett, David Gemmell, Mercedes Lackey, Neil Gaiman, Craig Schaefer, Michael Crichton, and so very many more. I can’t answer the favourite book question properly, I can’t narrow it down from my top three – Watchers and Phantoms, both by Dean Koontz, and King’s The Stand.

I know that the point of this section is to make myself sound exciting and interesting, but I don’t do things like fling myself out of perfectly good planes for no reason, or go deep sea diving or spelunking. I just run my little jewellery business, do some occasional freelance proof-reading, go to the odd weird place because there’s a rare bird there, follow the orders of my dog, and read. And then I read some more.

A Lapwing at RSPB Saltholme on Teesside. Not a rare bird or a weird place, but when the rarities come along my photographic skills leave me.