The Great Troll War [The Last Dragonslayer #4]

Jasper Fforde ★★★ It’s been two weeks since Jennifer Strange (the last dragonslayer) and Princess Shazine (still stuck in the body of the royal dog mess cleaner-upper) returned to Snodd to discover that Zambini Towers had been destroyed by a powerful thermowizidrical blast. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Troll War V had not only…… Continue reading The Great Troll War [The Last Dragonslayer #4]

September Releases

Ah, August, where did you go – hard to believe that a bit of pottering in the garden and a couple of trips out have made the month fly by so quickly. With only a couple of days to go, here are my choices for September. My first pick is the fourth and final part…… Continue reading September Releases

The Constant Rabbit

Jasper Fforde ★★★★ Nobody knows why or how The Event occurred, but in 1965, 18 rabbits were transformed into human-sized and vaguely human-shaped versions of themselves overnight. Since then, they have done what rabbits do, and Britain has divided into those who are happy with or ambivalent about our new lagomorphic citizens. When Constance Rabbit…… Continue reading The Constant Rabbit