My Five Favourite Five Star Reads of 2020

I’m not one for giving away a five star rating lightly, so making it onto this list is high praise indeed. These are my favourites novels which I’ve read this year; they’ve not necessarily been published in 2020, nor have I necessarily reviewed them. So, in no particular order, we have… The Thursday Murder Club…… Continue reading My Five Favourite Five Star Reads of 2020

The Thursday Murder Club

Richard Osman ★★★★★ The Thursday Murder Club is the debut novel from Richard Osman, he of Pointless and House of Games fame. He’s always come across as an intelligent guy with a way with words, so giving it a go was a no-brainer. I’m so glad that I did – I absolutely adored it. Set…… Continue reading The Thursday Murder Club

Golden State

Ben H. Winters ★★★★ Set in a future dystopia where lies, no matter how small or well-intentioned they may be, are criminal acts, Golden State is a murder mystery with a twist.  Laszlo Ratesic is a citizen of the Golden State, and a detective of the Speculative Service; a man with a psychic gift (or…… Continue reading Golden State

The Last

Hanna Jameson ★★★★ The Last is a curious genre-spanning novel which works surprisingly well. Guests and staff at a remote Swiss hotel are blindsided by the news of nuclear strikes on Washington and London, and those who don’t immediately flee decide that they’re safer staying where they are, away from population centres that may also…… Continue reading The Last

The Search Party

Simon Lelic ★★★★ Sixteen-year-old Sadie Saunders is missing, last seen six days ago, and no stone is being left unturned in the attempt to find her. The local community thinks that she’s dead, and they’ve decided just who’s to blame – her troubled boyfriend, Mason. Sadie’s clique of friends, including Mason, think that the search…… Continue reading The Search Party

The Guest List

Lucy Foley ★★★★ The event? The ‘wedding of the year’ The location? A remote island off the western Irish coast The result? Murder When the blurb on a book claims that the novel in question is “in the style of”, it can often be translated as meaning that the author has taken somebody else’s story…… Continue reading The Guest List