The Veil

Torstein Beck

Rating: 3 out of 5.

In 2061, scientific improvements lead to the reclassification of a planet in the Tau Ceti system. New data reveals that not only is Orsus potentially habitable, it is one of the most Earth-like planets ever discovered, so much so that life may already exist on its surface. With cryogenics still unable to support mammalian life, Project Argus is born – the bid to genetically engineer a creature capable of surviving cryogenic suspension, fast enough and intelligent enough to act as an organic planetary rover, yet strong enough to protect itself from any lifeforms that may already exist.

Told over three timelines, The Veil follows the stories of two very different men: the brilliant Swiss geneticist who creates the monstrous Varas, and the Norwegian engineer who does everything in his power to survive them.

At times the narrative of this dystopian sci-fi becomes slightly confusing, mainly because two of the timelines involve the same character. As the novel develops the reader becomes used to the constant jumping around, and the timelines become easier to follow.

The Veil is set to be the first book in a series, so don’t expect everything to be wrapped up nice and neatly in the last few chapters. However, enough of a conclusion is reached to satisfy as a standalone novel if need be.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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