Leona Deakin

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I don’t often read crime thrillers set in the UK, as I find that they tend to be pretty tame in comparison to their American counterparts, or they go overboard with the gore in order to try and stand out.  I was pleasantly surprised that this novel fit neither of those stereotypes.

Sixteen-year-old Jane’s mother was missing.  Lana left no note, no money, nothing to help ensure Jane’s safety.  All that was left was a card saying “Happy 1st Birthday”, containing the message “YOUR GIFT IS THE GAME. DARE TO PLAY?” printed inside.

Frustrated by the lack of interest from the police, Jane reached out online and made a chilling discovery.  Lana wasn’t the only one to receive this card – it was discovered in four other missing person cases. 

Turning to a family friend for help, Jane just wants her mother to come home.  Can former MI6 agent Jameson and his psychologist partner Bloom find Lana and the others?  Or will they discover that the missing people are not the ones who need to be saved?

Despite a somewhat shaky start, I was quickly drawn into the narrative, and found the premise to be quite intriguing.  The main characters are slightly two dimensional on occasion, but interesting enough for this story and are ripe for development in a possible future sequel.  Some of the plot devices were obvious, but on the whole the novel is absorbing and well worth a try. 

Gone appears to be a rerelease of Deakin’s debut novel, Mind Games

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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