Urban Enemies

Edited by Joseph Nassise

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Anthologies are a wonderful way to find ‘new’ authors, and are a bit like a day trip. You get to dip into new worlds, have a quick look around, and decide if you’d like to return for a proper holiday. Sometimes all the authors are unknown to you, other times you find a new story in a world you’ve visited many times before.

Urban Enemies contains stories by two authors I consider to be ‘mine’, plus a few others that I’ve heard of but never tried. There are a host of villains and anti-heroes in these pages, and the stories are of varying qualities, which is pretty standard fare with an anthology.

Highlights included Craig Schaefer’s Sixty-Six Seconds, Caitlin Kittridge’s The Resurrectionist, Domino Finn’s The Difference Between Deceit and Delusion, and Kelley Armstrong’s Hounded.

Disappointments were Lilith Saintcrow’s Kiss, and Jim Butcher’s Even Hand (not because there was anything wrong with the story – there isn’t, it’s up to his usual high standard – but because this is the third or fourth anthology it’s appeared in.

Over all, though, it’s a decent collection, with no howlers and lots to be discovered.

The stories included are:
Jim Butcher – Even Hand [Dresden Files]
Kelley Armstrong – Hounded [Cainsville]
Jeff Somers – Nigsu Ga Tesgu [Ustari Cycle]
Craig Schaefer – Sixty-Six Seconds [Harmony Black/Daniel Faust]
Lilith Saintcrow – Kiss [Jill Kismet]
Kevin Hearn – The Naughtiest Cherub [Iron Druid Chronicles]
Caitlin Kittredge – The Resurrectionist [Hellhound Chronicles]
Joseph Nassise – Down Where the Darkness Dwells [Templar Chronicles]
Carrie Vaughn – Bellum Romanum [Kitty Norville]
Jonathan Maberry – Altar Boy [Joe Ledger]
Faith Hunter – Make It Snappy [Jane Yellowrock]
Jon F. Merz – Chase the Fire [Lawson Vampire series]
Diana Pharaoh Francis – Unexpected Choices [Horngate Witches]
Steven Savile – Reel Life [Glass Town]
Domino Finn – The Difference Between Deceit and Delusion [Black Magic Outlaw]
Seanan McGuire – Balance [InCryptid]
Sam Witt – Everywhere [Pitchfork County]

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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