Freefight [Darkon Rising 3]

L.E. Horn

Rating: 3 out of 5.

In the action-packed conclusion of the Darkon Rising trilogy, the stakes could not be higher. The Gryphons and their allies must destroy the Tlok’mk superweapon or lose everything; if the shield protecting Tarin from the hulking Fang motherships falls, all is lost.

Leanndra has discovered a way to communicate with the diminutive Darkon, but time is running out. Michael has become a force to be reckoned with, but spends as much time fighting the beast within him as he does the invading forces. Both will need to discover new strength in order to aid in the battle to come, but can they come to terms with the devastating changes wrought upon them.

In Freefight, Horn puts her characters through hell once more, and keeps the reader guessing as to whether they’ll emerge on the other side. All the species come together for this final confrontation, which takes up the majority of the book and barely gives the reader time to breathe.

Sometimes it seems that everything I read is part of some interminable series, so having an end point is quite novel. Having said that, there’s an intriguing coda that suggests that Horn will be returning to this universe at some time, and there’s definitely the material to do so.

My bugbear is still with the Tlok’mk species. Having lizard-people as the villains seems quite trite, and of all the species they are the least realised and most pantomime villain-like. Part the problem, for me at least, is their apostrophe- and consonant-heavy names, and it also didn’t help that there was an influx of new Tlok’mk characters in this book to confuse me even more. It’s a shame , because that annoyance is sticking with me more than the actual story.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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