A Wish Too Dark and Kind

M.L. Blackbird

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Among the immortals that inhabit our world, Arnaud Demeure is known as the man who can fulfill your one true wish or who can also conjure your worst nightmares.

Eight invitations are sent to eight immortals, and when Arnaud Demeure hosts a party, no one refuses his request. Why have they been summoned? Is it for a celebration or does a sinister fate await them? After all, in the ways of Magick, a party can also be a ritual to end the world.

As the mystery deepens, the attendees must overcome their personal grudges to unravel the threads of Demeure’s grand plan that has been centuries in the making. But, with one of the guests secretly working with their host to sabotage the group’s every move, it seems impossible to look behind the curtain to learn Demeure’s true intentions.

With each guest hiding dark secrets and darker intentions, will they be able to uncover Demeure’s mysterious motives or will the party prove to be the deadly nightmare that they each fear?


This is going to be a brief review, because otherwise I’m going to talk myself out of that second star.

I tried, I really did try, but this was such hard going. If I were less bloody minded, I would have given up at the quarter-way mark but no, I had to continue – something I really began to regret at about halfway. It’s just too much – too many characters, too many points of view, too many timelines and all put together too haphazardly. There is a brief period in the latter half where the story comes together enough to become comprehensible (hence bumping the rating up to two stars), but it fades before the end. I’m left feeling unsure of what I’ve just read, and resentful of the waste of time that could have been spent on something more comprehensible and enjoyable.

I received an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publication date: 1st November 2021

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