Shards of Earth [The Final Architecture #1]

Adrian Tchaikovsky

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Architects came for Earth first. Humanity had nothing to stop them, so Earth fell, torn asunder and remade at the Architect’s whim. Decades and many dead planets later, our last best hope were the Intermediaries, a handful of surgically altered humans borne into space by a female warrior caste, the genetically engineered Parthenon. At immense cost, the enemy was stopped … and went away.

Fifty years on, the Council of Human Interests, the governing body of the Colonies known as the Hugh, is on the brink of conflict with the Parthenon. Idris, an Intermediary instrumental in the last encounter with the Architects, now hiding from the Hugh lest he be forced into slavery, is now the navigator and pilot for a disparate crew on the salvage vessel, Vulture God. Wishing to avert a war the Parthenon order Solace, the warrior tasked with his protection during the war, to find him and convince him to join them and help them make their own Intermediaries. Idris wants no part of the Hugh or the Parthenon, but what he wants soon becomes irrelevant when the Vulture God discovers the wreck of a ship bearing the all too familiar signs of attack by the Architects.

Shards of Earth is a fantastic first book in what promises to be an outstanding space opera trilogy. Tchaikovsky has formed a rich tapestry of alien species and worlds, a devastating adversary, and a vividly imagined history, and peopled it with believable characters whom I came care about very quickly. The story is involved and complex and left me wanting the next book immediately. Yet another masterclass in sci-fi from Adrian Tchaikovsky!

I received an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publication date – 27th May 2021

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